Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun With Wikipedia

Here's something fun to try with Wikipedia...

Hit the Random Article link from the main page.

Then, do it again.

Now, try to find your way back to the first page from the second page using only searching!

I made it from Canegrate culture (a civilization of Prehistoric Italy, apparently) to Perry Township, Clinton County, Indiana in twelve moves:

Canegrate Culture
Prehistoric Italy
Category: History of North America
Category: History of the United States
Category: United States
Category: States of the United States
Category: Indiana
Category: Geography of Indiana
Category: Indiana Counties
Category: Clinton County, Indiana
Perry Township, Clinton County, Indiana

As a refinement, I think that next I'm going to try to use links that only go to other actual articles...using category pages seems like cheating.

(I would be unsurprised to learn that there exist world championships for this sort of thing.)



Prime Minister of Laos to Canarias class cruiser in five moves...

Prime Minister of Laos
World War II
Spanish Civil War
Battle of Cape Espartel
Canarias class cruiser

No category (or list) pages this time, but I did cheat by using "What links here" to find the intermediate link between Spanish Civil War and the goal.

Clearly the rules of this game need to be codified...


  1. Blako tells me the name of this blog comes from a certain Elvis Corrina.

    Can you confirm or deny? If confirming, I can't remember for the life of me the situation.


    The Prince of Gunkberry

  2. I can confirm. You may recall that at one point Elvis was an ally of the Duke of the Duchy of Tenh...a couple of times, in taking advantage of this connection, Elvis said "I'm close personal friends with the Duke!"

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  4. WOW. I remember that now. Too funny

    (I deleted the above because I spelled "funny" wrong...stupid beer.)

    You rule.

    And Jane Austen.